Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Close of the Year

As the days wind down and the end of the 06-07 year draws quickly to an end, I am finding myself wondering how I can change for next year. I know that I will have some new technology for my room and be able to utilize it, but what about teaching ability? Do I become a "lazy" teacher because my students will be working on the computer so much? Or in fact, am I opening up doors for future teachers to join in? It is so difficult to figure out how I feel about this because I struggle with really knowing yet if I will be helping my students. I guess I need to see it first hand with a group of students to know if I am accomplishing something.


msaunders said...

What a great picture of your students! Do you work with the same group next year or get a new batch? Taking this course in the summer means, in theory, we'll have more time to devote to the course, but we can't do much about trying it out with the students until school resumes in the fall.
Mary Saunders

Pam B said...

I like your blog's title. Educating students to be independent learners and thinkers is really what teaching is all about! As far as your concern about technology and teaching. I don't think technology replaces teachers. Technology just becomes a tool teachers can use to enhance teaching. I'm taking another online class right now and our initial discussion question has centered around a question similar to yours. Does technology change teaching? What is the role of the teacher? I would say our role should change with technology. We need to facilitate learning instead of directing it. For many teachers that's a difficult change. Anyway, I think no matter how much technology is available to us or how mnay computers we have in our classrooms, the most important ingredient in education will always be the teacher.

Dave Fontaine said...

You'll find out soon! September will be here before you know it and you'll wish you had even more time to play with these tools and resources. It will go over great. Just remember--technology is just a tool and is only useful if it is used properly, so don't worry if the students are spending more time on the computer.