Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Tell me do any of my fellow colleagues have a MySpace account? Be honest? I want to know the truth about who is really blogging and who is not? I gave this whole MySpace thing a great deal of thought, and I won't lie, I have one. I am a young teacher and I think that you should be able to have a life outside of the classroom. But yet there are so many people that would disagree with me. My Fiance for example. He is a police officer and he claims that MySpace is trouble and a waste of time. Yet my site is blocked from underage viewers, it is set to private, and I only have pictures of myself and my family. There is nothing that could cost me a job! I don't communicate with students using it and I also do not allow them to view my page. Yet I know many teachers that do. So am I in fact wrong for having a MySpace? What are your views?


msaunders said...

Having a MySpace account under the conditions you describe isn't unprofessional, IMHO. You are using a resource and in the process learning about a service that your students probably use extensively. I hear that some high school librarians have an account. I know that a Phillips Andover Academy librarian has an account on Facebook with which she communicates with all the students. She did say that the school (or maybe it was Facebook itself) wouldn't allow her to do a school library account but would let her put it up as her own account.
The advantage to using Facebook at a private residential prep school is that she has access to all students' email addresses and can therefore invite all of them to be "friends."
I'm a librarian in a public high school that blocks Facebook and MySpace so I haven't bothered to make an account. The fact that it is blocked doesn't mean that the students don't use it in school. They can get around the block.

Dave Fontaine said...


I don't have a myspace or facebook either. I find that using Blogger for both the edc920 and 921 courses takes up so much time. I have been playing with This is a social networking site for professionals. It isn't blocked from my school (like myspace, facebook, and blogger)so I can still use it, but just don't have the time for anything else.